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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Self Portrait - Life Drawing 101

Self Portrait. Does kinda look like me, don't it?


  1. Well, thank you, Miss Cherry! YOU are awesome.

  2. (Kicks rocks) I think you need to give the eyes more kindness. Never seen you in person, but yeah...definitely more kindness. ;)

  3. maybe. :) I was trying to capture my age, not so much my disposition. But you would probably be right in saying, and it wouldn't be too awkward of me to agree, that I am kinder than that picture looks. :)

  4. By the way, why ya kicking rocks? :)

  5. :D
    Psst...I think you accidentally blocked me on Twitter. (I hope accidentally anyway - ha!)

  6. You do not look unkind in this drawing. You look as if you are projecting a feel of time and concern.
    You have something on your mind and it shows. Very well!!! Wonderful drawing. You are very handsome too. Just so ya know. :-D

    1. Thanks. I think I get what Zencherry meant, though. And thanks for the compliment! You and Lynn have made my day. :)