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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Beneath a Vengeful Sun' now on Amazon!

My third fantasy short story set in the Shining Lands and featuring the character Ránača is now live on Amazon!

Here's Daniel Swensen's 4-star review (from Smashwords):

"Beneath a Vengeful Sun is the inner (and outer) journey of Ránača, a concubine laboring beneath the yoke of cruel captors. 

This is the third short story I've read by Ron Leighton, and I think it's his strongest yet. The character of Ránača is strong and compelling; wracked by self-doubt, yet resolute. As with his other short stories, Beneath a Vengeful Sun hints at a much greater scope, mentioning a panoply of cultures, nations, and snippets of history.

Beneath a Vengeful Sun is a fun adventure, well worth your buck, and another stirring lead-in to Leighton's upcoming (I hope) Shining Lands book."

ONLY 99 cents!

Download today from Amazon, Smashwords or any of the other booksellers listed at the right margin

Once you experience the Shining Lands you will always want to go back!

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