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Friday, January 27, 2012

Carine Engelbrecht's 5 Star Review of 'A Cheerful Smoke for the Dead'

Worried about the souls of his deceased parents, Nathaiu seems an easy mark for a trickster-like trader in arcane incense. When he follows the accompanying instructions to the letter, however, he finds the results are not quite what he had anticipated. There are layers within layers, when one deals with those from worlds beyond this one. Told with emotional authenticity and absorbing detail, the story succeeds in drawing you in within the space of a mere ten pages and the conclusion will stay with you a good while after reading the last word. This is definitely a recommended read for anyone who enjoys tales of fantasy and magic. (Originally posted here.) (Carine's nom-de-twitter is @blackquartz!)

Download here for only 99 cents!!


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